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If you have or expect you have issues with blood sugar stabilization, including diabetes, have mood issues, weight issues or have issues with managing carbohydrate consumption, you will want to read this life changing information! 

Are you hungry all the time? Putting on weight in all the wrong places? Or have specific food cravings you can't control? Can't get away from the sweet things in life such as pastries, pop, candy, refined carbohydrates, and even alcohol? Chances are you are suffering from Carbohydrate Toxicity, and this is a serious pandemic facing our modern society today.

Emulin® is the world’s 1st patented and natural carb manager. It contains a botanical mix called Emulin® that helps your body manage refined carbohydrates, as well as helps assist the body in eradicating Carbohydrate Toxicity. Simply put, when you take only 2 capsules a day you will be amazed at how much better you feel and how quickly your overall health improves. (You'll see your test results after your next check up - and will simply be amazed! The good news too is that it's safe for all ages, even pregnant woman, and does not interfere with any prescription medications that you are currently taking.


Nobel Nominees Dr. Joseph Ahrens and his partner Daryl Thompson identified three phytochemicals that emulated insulin (hence, the name Emulin® at various key enzymatic control points to make the body better manage consumed carbohydrates. These compounds have been left out in our modern day diets as we processed and refined our food. The three active ingredients of Emulin® work together to protect your body and manage the ill effects of any excess carbs consumed. 

What Emulin® Tackles


Inflammation is the activation of the immunity in response to infection, irritation, or injury. Short term (acute) inflammation is useful for the body. Long term (chronic) inflammation can cause other diseases. Some of them can be life threatening such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Excessive consumption of refine carbohydrates can lead to inflammations.


Consumption of refined carbohydrates can lead to carbohydrate toxicity. Refined carbohydrates are carbohydrates that are processed to make them even more consumer-friendly and easier to store (longer shelf life), taste better, etc. These carbohydrates have been stripped of most - if not all of their nutrients and fiber. That is why they are referred to as “empty calories”. These types of food deplete your body of its vitamins and minerals during the digestion process. Even much worse, they will cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly.  


Emulin® was discovered by Daryl Thompson, a food and bio-chemist, and Dr. Joseph Ahrens. Former director of research for the Florida Department of Citrus, by studying the use of grapefruit in weight loss and improving other metabolic outcomes.


We encourage you to track your progress. Many users of

Emulin® have reported some dramatic benefits in just a few days and weeks:

PHYSICAL CONDITION: energy level, ideal weight/body fat
% achieved, better sleep, less pain, improved libido.

EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: mood/happiness, motivation,

STATE OF WELLNESS: allergy resolution, balanced hormones, blood pressure, blood sugar balance, hair, skin and nail health, chronic pain resolution for most users, improved immunity from illnesses.

MENTAL & COGNITIVE FUNCTION: memory strength, thinking clarity, focus/attention, less stressed.

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LISTEN TO WHAT EXPERTS ARE SAYING: World-renowned Cardiologist's speaks out about pharmaceutical lies and why Emulin+ is recommended to all who are concerned about their Cardiovascular Health CLICK HERE

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