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KYK Generation II

The KYK Generation II Water Ionizer
(replaced all former KYK Models)

KYK Water Ionizers were at one time one of the best selling water ionizer brands within the USA.

THE BAD NEWS: When KYK closed their New York offices many years ago, it left their top distributors like us high and dry. KYK also stopped paying their independent technicians for servicing their machines, nor could these technician even get replacement parts. Needless to say, all of these technicians could not service any KYK machine even if an individual was willing to pay them directly for their services. It was a total nightmare for everyone.

Then not too soon after that, KYK partnered with another company within the USA 
but this company thought they could fool the general public by nearly doubling the prices in hopes of tripling their profits. Fortunately those days are behind us now and we moved on in the process. We can still get 3rd party replacement filters that work in most of the KYK machines (CLICK HERE to go to the EOS filter replacement order page), but ultimately the finality for KYK owners is when a KYK machine breaks down, it's better that you just accept the fact, move on and like the rest of us, throw the old machine in the recycle bin.

BUT GOOD NEWS IS HERE!: Now there is help for all KYK owners who have been affected by this unfortunate event. We recently created our exclusive "Once Upon a Time" Upgrade Sale" promo, and it's easy to qualify -- If you are a current or past KYK owner, regardless of the condition of your machine, (even if your machine was ran over by a Mac Truck), we are HERE TO HELP! And no, you do NOT need to ship your KYK back to us to get this great deal!

Pay the "Once Upon A Time" price of a KYK Generation II (below) and we will upgrade you FREE OF CHARGE to our best selling water ionizer (other brand) at the same price that was once published for the KYK Generation II.

We cannot disclose/advertise the machine's brand or name on this website, but you are welcome to contact us prior to purchase for more information. Your new water ionizer will not only have more power than your old KYK, but we promise that with each machine purchased, it will also come with a Lifetime, forever warranty.
Call us for all the details.

"Once Upon a time" the KYK Generation II (Gen2) Water Ionizer ruled


MSRP:        $3,295.00 

"Once Upon a Time Sales Price: $2,195.00 

* restrictions apply to this no frills offer


"ONCE UPON A TIME" UPGRADE OFFER*: Buy a water ionizer at the KYK's 'once upon a time" sale price of only $2,195.00 and Get a Free Upgrade to our Best Selling Water Ionizer with the latest technology and best technical service available in the market and also receive a Lifetime, Forever  Warranty! (Please call for more details)

Choose Your Shipping Location
 UPGRADE OFFER IN STOCK! We will call you to confirm your upgrade once order is received. 

We only ship to the USA, Canada and P.R.

Warranty Information & No Return Policy:

By taking advantage of our "Once Upon a Time" Upgrade Promotion" "No Frills Offer" you accept that you will be upgraded to our best selling water ionizer which comes with a lifetime warranty serviced within the USA. We will call you after purchase to confirm the details and machine that you will receive. At that time, if you are not in agreement with our offer to you, we will cancel your order and issue you a full refund, no questions asked. However, once we place your order with our supplier and have an order confirmation on file for your purchase from our supplier, your purchase 
becomes final -- No Return/No Exchanges/No Refunds. Please call us if you have questions about our Once Upon A Time Upgrade Offer/No Frills offer. 

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